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4Minds is a new multi-level course that turns language learning into an opportunity for learners to explore the world and their potential. Designed for teens and young adults of CEFR levels A1–C1/C2, it covers the latest developments and trends in technology, entertainment and social issues to provide a fresh and exciting course that learners can relate to while preparing them for the real world, outside class. Each level features:

◗ 10 themed units, the central pillar of which is creativity, collaboration and research

◗ Mediation tasks that promote an inclusive use of the language

◗ Debate tasks to encourage critical thinking and underline divert standpoints

◗ Clear focus on cultural contexts, life skills, and values

◗ Study Skills and Writing Tips that aid and guide autonomous learning

◗ Useful Language sections that set the right register for everyday communication

◗ Pronunciation/Intonation sections

◗ Videos to provide a multimodal learning experience

◗ Presentation skills sections that help learners become confident & competent public speakers

◗ Review and Competences sections for learners to revise language and evaluate themselves

◗ STEAM activities to encourage experiential and holistic learning

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